Price Monitoring and Surveillance Services

Triangle Park assists firms in addressing regulatory and auditing price verification and surveillance requirements by providing difficult to procure market data and workflow tools that will:

  • Assist client’s performing key monitoring tasks through access to data sets reflecting true market activity:
    — Monitor for fair/reasonable execution in trading
    — Better monitor liquidity of their OTC assets
    — Independently monitor market volatility day to day
  • Support clients in improving their operating efficiency through a cost effective set of tools that improves their managing of their defined “fair value” pricing processes.
  • Provide unbiased, market data, enabling clients to mitigate risks and conflicts by giving mid and back office teams access to independent sources of market price information for thinly traded OTC assets.
  • Offer affordable outsourced services allowing firms to perform comprehensive and frequent monitoring of their OTC assets without significantly increasing their operational costs.


OTC Monitoring by TPCMD