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Ron Valinoti Discusses Pre-Trade Transparency At The SEC

Washington, DC – The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission invited Triangle Park Capital Markets Data founder, Ron Valinoti, to Washington, DC to participate in a discussion on the current state of pre-trade transparency in the US Municipal Securities Market. LIVE STREAM       Attendee List: Bernard Costello, Morgan Stanley Ric Edelman, Edelman Financial Services Chris Ferreri, […]

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A municipal futures contract can be a useful risk management tool for many in the marketplace, attendees at The Bond Buyer’s National Municipal Bond Summit here were told. In a presentation entitled “Better municipal risk management through municipal futures,” Ron Valinoti, principal at Triangle Park Capital markets and manager of MBIS, and John Coleman, principal […]

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SourceMedia introduces the Bond Buyer Data Workstation

The Bond Buyer, the primary source of news, analysis and insight for municipal professionals, has announced the upcoming release of the Bond Buyer Data Workstation, a new service that gives subscribers access to dynamic, interactive secondary-market data from directly within the Bond Buyer experience. The new Bond Buyer Data Workstation provides a comprehensive and transparent view of the municipal […]

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Conduit Service by TPCMD

TP Market Data Services (TP MDS) is pooling data from a group of contributors in U.S. based OTC securities markets where significant, but not widely visible, activity occurs between broker/dealers and institutional clients. This data will  Improve market transparency and reduce perceptions about unfair market practices. How is the Data Delivered? The Conduit information Service […]

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MBIS Services by TPCMD

Triangle Park Capital Markets Data offers MBIS Services to our customers with the highest level of expertise on the product. Municipal Bond Information Service (MBIS) is an information services provider that supplies the largest set of municipal securities pre-trade bids wanted and offering data available today. By incorporating data sourced from inter-dealer broker and alternative […]

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